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We believe the home should be a welcoming, calming and inspiring haven from life’s daily grind. We create pared down, layered and relaxed interiors, rich in natural light, texture and organic materials that help our client’s to live contentedly.

We offer a full range of design services tailored to each project. Whether you’re planning a renovation or new construction or looking to furnish and decorate your home without architectural changes, we partner with clients from the idea stage until the last piece of art is hung on the walls. All the while we collaborate with vendors & contractors, solve daily problems and manage your project. Read on for more details…

interior design
  • Understand lifestyle, problems, goals and dreams
  • Use careful space planning to create furniture layouts
  • Craft & present design plan including:
    • custom, vintage & antique furnishings
    • paint, wall coverings, wood finishes, textiles, hardware
    • decorative & task lighting
    • window treatments
    • carpets
    • art & accessories
  • Confirm product details, order, track & manage
  • Installation- the design comes to life
renovation & construction design
  • Transform space with interior architectural changes & surface design.
    • Study existing space & draw floor plan
    • Understand client goals, priorities & esthetic preferences
    • Reconfigure footprint and/or function of space: eg kitchens, bathrooms, closets, wine cellars, offices, etc.
    • Draw floor plans of proposed spaces
    • Select architectural finishes: tile, stone, flooring, moldings, hardware, etc.
    • Draw wall elevations to illustrate tile layouts, built-in design, etc.
    • Collaborate with contractors, architects, & artisans on every detail at every step
    • Craft & present design plan: furnishings, palette, wall coverings, lighting, window treatments, etc.
    • Project management from procurement & ordering through to installation

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